atmosfire - fire artist

Prepare to be mesmerized by fire and captivated by the magical illusions of an Atmosfire Show this has to be seen to be believed.  The show begins with slow hypnotic movements and builds to a spectacular fiery finale. The components of the show are by fusing martial arts, dance, circus stunts, and themed costumes.

Any event:  corporate, private, themed & family.  A stage show can be produced, or improvised characters from solo or up to 10 artists.

Customized performances and costumes are popular, so don’t hesitate to ask for ideas for your event.

gypsy gomez

Originally from Argentina, Gypsy Gomez is a hot performer with a hot act envied throughout the circus world. This is the classic Hula Hoop as you have never seen it before.

Whilst balancing on a giant mirror ball, Gypsy can manipulate hula hoops all over her body in a fast paced and fun routine that is pure hot action.

And for a finale Gypsy catches and spins more than 50 hula hoops thrown to her at once making the catching of same an international record and a breathtaking feat of circus skill.

yibby gomez

Latino, Yibby Gomez is a Juggling genius who has an extra twist to his act, unlike normal jugglers who throw things up; Yibby does the opposite, throwing numerous balls downward and contending with the rebound. His act is a marvel of sight and precision and certainly something to behold.

Presented with futuristic theme themed with sensational costumes, brilliant pyros, special effects and a pumping sound track makes this a world class performance that will leave you breathless.


Magic2’s spectacular illusion and dance productions have toured the globe. From Asia to the Middle East, Casinos to Cruise ships, their shows break down the language barrier with the art of magic and illusion.

Their dramatic and highly visual shows are the ultimate in exciting entertainment. Working with some of the best choreographers, costumers, music designers and dancers make Magic2 shows a must see event.

Magic2 are versatile professionals who are capable of captivating the smallest of intimate events to the largest of showrooms, conventions halls and venues in-between. Whether you are looking for a full-length stage spectacular or an intimate evening of illusion – Magic2 have the perfect entertainment solution.

rosita gasser

Sixth generation circus artist, Rosita Gasser performs a unique and very modern display of the Roman Rings with elegance, poise and style. Her strength and control during the performance has stemmed from being solo, double and flying trapeze aerialist from the tender age of eight and a life time in the circus.

Rosita’s daring performance has taken her around the globe with as featured artist in Europe’s prestigious Christmas Spectacular.